Pujol Group operates in six sectors of the Building Industry and is a market leader in all:

There are over thirty companies involved in manufacturing, research, consulting, distribution, logistics and assembly that serve the companies with the group itself, as well as their customers.

Paving and urban landscape accessories

The first company of Pujol Group, was founded in 1942 manufacturing concrete pipes. In 1945 we bought the first machine for the elaboration of HYDRAULIC MOSAIC, a noble paving that today still enriches the floor of many houses. During many years it was the most representative product of our range and the one that we feel very proud. Through the change of time, this craft product was replaced by TERRAZZO with the possibility of manufacturing more than a thousand square meters for a press, as opposed to 12 square meters of mosaic product. GRAUS, TERRATZOS I PAVEMENTS, is today the biggest factory in the country with a daily production of thousands of meters of indoor tiles and outdoor pavings .

We manufacture using high quality ‘vibro-prensadoras’ machines which allow us to produce a great variety of products of different requirements for use in supermarkets, hospitals, airports, gardens, public areas etc.