The management of Pujol had always taken a special interest in aspects related to the well-being of its workers.

To improve the help that it offered to its own people, it was decided to create a Foundation that became operational in 2003.

Why a fundation

Many years ago once overcoming the initial difficulties of setting up the business. the management of PUJOL, which had always has taken care in the welfare of its employees, relating mainly to their health and their well-being, noted that the people were affected at both a personal and family level when suffering through difficult times. acting in a discreet and personal way the company has helped employees overcome their problems by offering the maximum support possible.

These actions were mainly realised at the request of the affected by providing the company with information about their problems. It was done in this way as previously in the past years the company was not of its current size and therefore the management had direct contact with its employees. It was during the nineties when PUJOL increased in a constant and considerable way, its number of companies and therefore the number of its employees rose dramatically.

Because of this dramatic increase in size it was perceived and became evident that with great effort in continuing with this project it was not always possible to solve many of the problems. The management had noted that in some cases it was to late to offer any kind of help.

Through the pass of time it became evident that thier was a necessity to create an organisation which could work closer with its workers. By doing this and working in this manner it would be possible to help more quickly and efficiently. It was then decided that a foundation would be created of its own entity and recognition.

In 2003 The Pujol I Gorne foundation was created. The name was chosen in recognition of the founders of the group back in 1942, Mr Miquel Pujol Oliva and Mrs Mercè Gorné Gaset. Two people who had their goals and objectives clear.