The management of Pujol had always taken a special interest in aspects related to the well-being of its workers.

To improve the help that it offered to its own people, it was decided to create a Foundation that became operational in 2003.

Purposes and areas of action

At the time that it was decided to create a Foundation, it was thought that its main objective would be towards its collective of employees of the companies within the Pujol Group, its pensioners and relatives. Ensuring that actions also would be carried out directly towards other people not connected to the Group such as entities and ONG that adopted humanitarian, sanitary and educational help.

The structure of the 'Private Foundation Pujol i Gorné', states in chapter II, PURPOSES and AREAS OF ACTION article 3, we can find the following paragraphs.

The Foundation has a purpose, to offer help or humanitarian support, for the purpose of improvement in a substantial way, the conditions and well-being of the people in general and most specifically of the employees, relatives and pensioners of the Pujol Group, thus, making possible a better environment of communal life, communication and relationships of these people in their communitys, favouring a better understanding whilst at the same time enhancing knowledge and respect for the different cultures that incorporate into our society, facilitating the social integration of the same ones with a better and increased adaptation to the social, cultural and linguistic reality of our country.

Likewise it proposes to collaborate with entities like national and/or international non governmental organizations that they foster, basically the humanitarian health and educational help.

The Foundations main areas of action are as listed below: