The management of Pujol had always taken a special interest in aspects related to the well-being of its workers.

To improve the help that it offered to its own people, it was decided to create a Foundation that became operational in 2003.

Pujol i Gorné Foundation

The Foundation Pujol i Gorné was created in the year 2003, taking the name of the founders of what is know the Pujol Group. Its purpose is to offer help or humanitarian support, having the aim to improve the conditions of the well-being of people in general but very specifically of the employees of the Pujol Group.

Also it has as a purpose, the collaboration with entities such as non governmental, national and international organisations, which foster humanitarian, health and educational help.

The actions of the Foundation are in the sanitary, educational, cultural, leisure, family and work areas, to ensure that these areas can continue for many years.