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Prestressed concrete floor joists can be designed to work in either composite (structural screeded) or self-supporting applications:

  • Composite: These beams must work together with a structural screed to form a finished floor. This means that they must be propped up during the pouring and curing process of the cast-in-situ concrete. Also, they require negative reinforcement, either static or hyperstatic depending on the calculation characteristics. We manufacture 11 and 15 cm deep joists for finished floor depths of up to 35 cm.

  • Self-supporting: Unlike the previous type of floor system, this type does not require propping up during the pouring and curing stages of the compression screed. This makes it ideal for suspended floors with a reduced need for free height. We manufacture 18 and 22 cm deep beams for finished floor depths of up to 35 cm; in this case, the flooring system functions like a composite system.

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