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Flooring blocks

Flooring blocks, jack arches, and tray blocks are concrete flooring support elements that are suspended between two joists. They are manufactured at CTC widths of 60 and 70 cm, in depths up to 30 cm. A variety of materials can be used, depending on the technical characteristics of each floor.

  • Concrete: Because it is made of the same material as the joist, concrete flooring blocks create a floor with unified character that is useful due to the similar mechanical behaviour of the two components. It also provides ideal acoustic insulation due to its mass.

  • Ceramic: This flooring block, in comparison with the previous one, reduces the weight of the floor itself, and also endowed with the proper thermal and acoustic insulating properties that are characteristic of elements made out of ceramic materials.

  • Expanded polystyrene (Porexpan): This enables a considerable reduction in the weight of the floor itself, thanks to the lightness that this material adds; it improves insulating properties at the same time.

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