In the Roadway and Railway Infrastructures section for public work, Pujol Group has its products in the next groups:

In each of them will find an explanation for its functionality as well as any or some of its most important and representative features.

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We manufacture different types of walls for public works infrastructures. We can divide these into the following groups:

  • Retaining walls: This is a twin-rib wall whose main role, as the name indicates, is to contain earth on a slope. They are manufactured in standard 2.4 meter widths, and in heights of up to 12 meters. They can also be manufactured in special dimensions upon request.

  • Bridge abutment: This is a two-rib element intended to serve as a support for load-bearing beams that support the bridge deck. The top has rebar dowels that are used to connect to the beam that is cast in situ. They are manufactured in heights up to 9 m.

  • Partition wall and cantilever wall: These are self-supporting walls that do not require site-poured footings to fulfil their function. They are manufactured in widths of 1 m and 1.20 m and heights up to 5 m. This is an ideal solution for use as a partition between stockpiles of different materials, thanks to its ease of use and mobility.

  • Pedestrian walkway wall: This short, self-supporting wall is used to contain earth around walkways in train stations, pedestrian paths and maritime ports. They are manufactured in 1.25 m lengths, and heights up to 1.25 m.

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