In the Hydraulic Works section for public work, Pujol Group has its products in the next groups:

In each of them will find an explanation for its functionality as well as any or some of its most important and representative features.

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We manufacture different types of channelling for public works infrastructures. We can divide these into the following groups:

  • Ditch liner walls: This is a liner wall for irrigation ditches that acts as a retaining wall at the same time. They are manufactured in lengths up to 3 m, and heights up to 2.50 m.

  • 125x125 culvert: This is a reinforced concrete product used to run services and channel water. It is available in 2.5 m lengths.

  • Round pipe linear drainage channel (“CAZ” type): ‘CAZ’ channel modules for stormwater discharge, with or without curb, are incorporated into a pavement protection system for new tunnel construction, in accordance with the most recent European safety directives. These elements also incorporate elastomeric gaskets to create a watertight connection. They are 57x55 cm in cross-section, with a length of 3 m.

  • Linear channel catch basin (“CAZ” type): This is a siphonic catch basin for stormwater discharge, used together with ‘CAZ’ type channelling.

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