In the Sport Stadiums section for modular and industrialised construction, Pujol Group has its products in the next groups:

In each of them will find an explanation for its functionality as well as any or some of its most important and representative features.

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Floor girders

Reinforced and prestressed floor girders can be manufactured depending on the spans and loads involved. We classify these products into three groups: rectangular beams, L beams, and inverted T beams. They are available in widths ranging from 30 to 120 cm and depths between 30 and 180 cm. This enables a great degree of variety, greater profitability of available space without unnecessary loss of height.

Depending on the calculations needs, they can be self-supporting or composite, working together with the floor’s compression screed. They are typically calculated as isostatic beams; nevertheless, they can also be manufactured in hyperstatic format.

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