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Variable depth beams

Variable depth beams can be manufactured in reinforced or prestressed concrete, depending on the calculated spans and loads required. These beams can be either “T” or “I” beams, and can also be specified based on the lengths to span and the loads to be supported.

We can manufacture the following types of units, classified according to “T” and “I” beams:

'T' beams
Particularly well suited as a girt beam for structure facades and wall panel support. Slopes of 10 and 12%, and lengths up to 11.50 m.

'I' beams
This is an I-shaped product manufactured out of reinforced or prestressed concrete, ideal for two-pitch roofing structures This product is very slim and has structural capabilities that allow it to span openings of up to 45.00 m. Depending on the loads required and the length of the pieces, we can manufacture it in the following models:
  • I - 40: Slope of 10%, and total length up to 29.00 m.
  • I - 60: Slope of 10%, and total length up to 36.00 m.
  • I - 80: Slope of 6%, and total length up to 45.00 m.

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