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We manufacture reinforced concrete columns in square and rectangular geometries, with cross-sections ranging between 40 and 120 cm. Maximum lengths up to 30m.

Depending on the needs of the project and/or its location, we can make columns with various types of attachments:

  • Cup: This is the most common type of attachment, due to the greater ease of installation. It also permits higher positioning tolerances during execution.

  • Bolted: This is a type of joint whose characteristics allow for a reduced footing thickness and a considerable reduction in puncture forces. This makes it ideal for foundations with reinforced slabs. At the same time, column-column and wall-column connections can be made. This solution demands a high degree of precision during execution.

  • Sleeve grouted: The advantages of this type of attachment are the same as for the bolted type, but it presents the same difficulty during assembly due to the need for support while the joint is curing. It is only advised for use with columns up to 7 meters in height.

The top ends of the columns vary depending on the type of elements that will be placed on them, thus allowing a great variety of finishes. Headers can be square, skewed, with open or closed sockets to receive precast channels, with exposed iron doweling, etc.

All columns can be equipped with various sizes of corbels on all faces. Depending on the loads and elements to be supported, such as floor joists, bridge cranes, etc. Likewise, metal anchors can be embedded in the concrete for attaching metal structures, wall facing, etc. to the precast structure.

Columns can also be provided with sockets on each face to receive precast panels of different thicknesses.

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