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Wall panels

Precast facade panels are a reinforced or prestressed concrete wall system that does not serve a structural purpose itself, since the panels are attached to the structural elements of the building.

Thanks to a highly industrialized manufacturing system, we can achieve uniform, high-quality finishes that contribute to quicker execution timetables compared to traditional cast-in-situ walls. There are a variety of panel finishes available: smooth concrete, exposed aggregate finish, and texturized concrete.

The huge range of possible combinations of the various types of panels allows us to design any project, regardless of its complexity. We can make vertical and horizontal panels available that allow us to create openings of different shapes and sizes, according to the needs of each specific job.

Our panels fall into two groups: mould-cast panels and continuous bed-cast panels. Panels can be solid slab or lightweight polystyrene sandwich panels.





Moulded Panel

12 cm.

3.2 m.(*)

Up to a 8m.

16 cm.

3.2 m.(*)

Up to a 10 m.

20 cm.

3.2 m.(*)

Up to 12 m.

Hollow Core Panel

15 cm.

1.2 m.

Up to 8.5 m.

20 cm.

1.2 m.

Up to 12 m.

           (*) Can also be manufactured in special widths

We can manufacture skewed panels for sheathing angled facades, as well as end pieces and 90-degree corner pieces.

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