Friday 23 September 2011
First CEIM Prizes Awarded

The projects 'IPE sostenible' and 'MiHouse', created by students in the class on sustainability at the ESARQ School of Architecture, were the winners at the first edition of the prizes of the CEIM Industrialized Construction Using Environmental Parameters Department held at the UIC

Wednesday 29 July 2009
Avantmèdic, a company linked to the Pujol Group, new sponsor of the Lleida Basket Ball Team

The company of supermarkets finishes sponsorship of the Lleida Basket ball Team and Pujol Group continues the sponsorship with one of its companies

Friday 17 July 2009
Jordi Pujol: «We entered into Spanair for patriotism, but there is a business»

The investment by Pujol of one million euros in Spanair is a gesture of confidence in the future and in the capacity of the airport of Barcelona (Prat) to attract long haul flights, necessary for the Catalan econom

Thursday 18 June 2009

Prefabricados Pujol will join Spanair shareholders with an influx of one million Euros in capital

The Lleida-based company Prefabricados Pujol has signed on as a shareholder of the Spanair airline, with an infusion of one million Euros of capital. This was explained yesterday by the company CEO, Jordi Pujol, after participating in the inaugural flight from the new Terminal 1 (T-1) in Barcelona’s El Prat airport linking the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. Pujol explained that its entry into Spanair is based on two points. On the one hand, it considers this a business opportunity, and secondly, it seeks to support the Barcelona airport, a cornerstone in the development of Catalonia.

The opening of the T-1 terminal at the Barcelona airport yesterday was witnessed by the CEO of Prefabricados Pujol, a company that has joined on as a shareholder in the Spanair airline. Jordi Pujol said the Lleida company's stake is one million Euros, a figure which reflects 1% of the airline’s total share capital.

Spanair is owned by the Scandinavian carrier SAS, and its state of crisis left the Palma-based airline in danger of disappearing. The company's salvation came from the hand of Iniciatives Empresarials Aeronàutiques—Entrepreneurial Aerospace Initiatives—which now holds 80.1% of the company, while SAS holds the remaining 19.9%. Various organizations form part of Iniciatives Empresarials, such as the government of Catalonia, via Catalana d'Iniciatives, Fira de Barcelona (Barcelona’s biggest trade fair organizer), and the Barcelona Tourism Consortium, along with a conglomerate of companies affiliated with Volcat. This backing has allowed the airline to launch a fresh economic impetus and activity, given that it is the first company to operate from the T-1.

Volcat emerged out of the private foundation FemCat, a Catalan lobbying group representing 88 Catalan employers—companies that represent 18% of Catalonia’s GDP. Prefabricados Pujol is a member of both FemCat and Volcat.

Jordi Pujol explained that the idea is that Volcat, which holds two of the five seats on Spanair’s Board of Directors, will support the private management of the airline, in terms of both capital and ideas.

The CEO of the precast concrete products firm said there were two main reasons that led the Pla d'Urgell-based company to assume a stake in Spanair. On the one hand, he considers it a business opportunity. "A well-managed airline supported by private equity has no reason not to be profitable," a point he said did not rule out an increased stake in the company in the future. Moreover, he said that a country is defined by its infrastructure: "We could not let the Barcelona airport be pushed off to the side" in favour of others. He stressed the importance of the new T-1 as a point of arrival and departure for millions of travellers.

Regarding the possibility that Spanair will operate from the future Alguaire airport, he said it first needs to consolidate its strong position in El Prat.

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