Friday 23 September 2011
First CEIM Prizes Awarded

The projects 'IPE sostenible' and 'MiHouse', created by students in the class on sustainability at the ESARQ School of Architecture, were the winners at the first edition of the prizes of the CEIM Industrialized Construction Using Environmental Parameters Department held at the UIC

Wednesday 29 July 2009
Avantmèdic, a company linked to the Pujol Group, new sponsor of the Lleida Basket Ball Team

The company of supermarkets finishes sponsorship of the Lleida Basket ball Team and Pujol Group continues the sponsorship with one of its companies

Friday 17 July 2009
Jordi Pujol: «We entered into Spanair for patriotism, but there is a business»

The investment by Pujol of one million euros in Spanair is a gesture of confidence in the future and in the capacity of the airport of Barcelona (Prat) to attract long haul flights, necessary for the Catalan econom

Thursday 21 May 2009

Prefabricados Pujol goes abroad and purchases a factory in Leeds

Early last March, the Mollerussa-based Prefabricados Pujol acquired the former plant of the British firm Bison, in the town of Leeds, UK. Prefabricados Pujol is the market leader in the field of precast concrete and one of the pioneers in Europe this construction segment. The 90,000 sq m Leeds factory specializes in the manufacture of metal framing structures.

The purchase transaction was handled through the participation of a local partner, Ian Treanor, who will serve as CEO of the new company, explained the company's managing director, Jordi Pujol.

The factory acquisition followed up on a meeting of Bison creditors (following suspension of payments) in October of last year, in which it declared bankruptcy, with the intention of liquidating its assets. At that time, the Leeds facility was home to 150 employees, a number that Prefabricados Pujol will maintain or even increase, said Pujol. The new company is called Treanor Pujol and is expected to start production next week. Although Pujol will provide its technical expertise in the sector of precast products, the personnel will consist of local workers.

This acquisition for Prefabricados Pujol marks the Mollerussa company’s first foray into foreign markets. Thus, Jordi Pujol remarked, "we hope to offer our experience in the precast sector, in a market that we have not yet entered, because in England the most common building components are metal framing and slabs.”

In this regard, Pujol assured, "we will try to educate people about precast products, taking advantage of our presence in Europe through the vice presidency of the International Pre-stressed Hollow-core Association (IPHAE), an organization that groups together the main companies in the sector. While he recognized that now—in the context of an economic recession—is not an easy time to consider such a venture, Pujol continued: "The English market is mature, and we’re not taking any risk because we have no investments there and we will furthermore make our investments gradually, little by little.”

Interest from the Ministry of Education

One motivation that has led Prefabricados Pujol to push towards international markets and to position itself on the UK market specifically is that "increasingly, the preferred option is speed of project execution, environmental responsibility, and reduced construction waste—and we’ve got a lot of great deal of experience with that," Pujol reminds. He also described the initiative as an opportunity to transfer the culture of the precast panel to an area that still has little experience with this product.

Initially, Treanor Pujol will begin manufacturing Bison metal framing and flooring products, although the intention is to introduce the techniques and work methods that Prefabricados Pujol has developed over the years.

For now, officials from the British Ministry of Education have maintained contact with the Mollerussa company due to their interest in the model of prefabricated schools, industrial buildings, and bridges, which they hope to adapt for public works in the UK. The goal, in the short term, is that Pujol be awarded projects in England.

Source: Diari Segre

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