Friday 23 September 2011
First CEIM Prizes Awarded

The projects 'IPE sostenible' and 'MiHouse', created by students in the class on sustainability at the ESARQ School of Architecture, were the winners at the first edition of the prizes of the CEIM Industrialized Construction Using Environmental Parameters Department held at the UIC

Wednesday 29 July 2009
Avantmèdic, a company linked to the Pujol Group, new sponsor of the Lleida Basket Ball Team

The company of supermarkets finishes sponsorship of the Lleida Basket ball Team and Pujol Group continues the sponsorship with one of its companies

Thursday 16 July 2009
"Times of crisis are opportunities for companies like ours"

At the Beginning of this year the Pujol Group made the jump into external markets with the acquisition of the British factory of Bison in the United Kingdom, to where it will move its productive model

Friday 17 July 2009

Jordi Pujol: «We entered into Spanair for patriotism, but there is a business»

The investment by Pujol of one million euros in Spanair is a gesture of confidence in the future and in the capacity of the airport of Barcelona (Prat) to attract long haul flights, necessary for the Catalan economy. Our business does not have debts with the banks so will not jeopardise the company by participating in Spanair and our investment is like an act of faith. Prefabricados Pujol, one of the largest businesses from Lleida, had to appeal to territorial feelings to invest a million euros in an initiative that offered doubts.

Interview with Jordi Pujol, delegated on behalf of Prefabricated Pujol, appeared in the economy section of "The Periódico de Catalunya" in the edition of Friday 17 July 2009.

Lleida is not always taken in account when investors are needed...

When the politicians look at Lleida they believe that here everything is about agriculture and that we are all farmers. It is not like this. This is a very important industrial place which creates many jobs which are not all connected to agricultural activity, however it does not stop being a very important sector.

How does it explain its shareholding in Spanair?

Our shareholding comes from belonging to Femcat. When we knew about the existence of Femcat, we associated ourselves with it because we thought that it was a way of supporting our region and with an association that thinks about the future of Catalonia.

Is Barcelona airport necessary for the future?

The airport of Barcelona is a fundamental axis for the communication of our country. Having an international airport means that Catalonia can play in the first division of cities, without it, it will remain in the second division. This reason first attracted us to the project of Spanair when it was specified, At first it was more of a patriotic feeling, but since the incorporation of Ferran Soriano it has been an entrepreneurial project.

Have you a lot of confidence with Ferran Soriano?

I have absolute confidence. There are two things that he must have: aptitude and attitude. And Soriano has both of them to move this project forward. When he speaks he convinces you. It is not now a project to find investment and to discuss what it will be used for it is now a business of potential at Barcelona airport. We have 5the money and the business opportunity to develop.

There have been doubts about the economical feasibility of this entrepreneurial project...

We are frequent users of “El Prat” and we have seen how it was lacking in international flights. This is gamble in a company which can carry out this type of flight when the demand already exists. Iberia left the airport with the air shuttle and a flight shared with British Airways to London. If you want to fly in low cost you can make it, but if you want to fly with a regular airline you do not have the choice. It makes sense in having our own airline.

Who needs a regular line?

Here there are multinational companies with subsidiaries out of the country and they need a powerful airport to travel to foreign markets. Barcelona and the new terminal, which is fabulous, give us this opportunity.

Are there more businesses willing to take the risk?

I am convinced there is. Every two days there is a request to invest in the asset. Monday, for example three new shareholders were presented. They are entering through Volcat, and also private.

Is a million euros a great sacrifice?

With the volume of resources that we have, to invest a million euros in Spanair is not a great sacrifice. It is assumable. But it is the first time that we have participated in something that we do not control. Until now the projects that we have invested in we have been in total control. I believe that it is a good opportunity for business. This money will give an economical return in future.

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