The Pujol Group companies are engaged primarily in the precast concrete sector, in the following divisions:

They are also involved in other fields, through service companies not directly related to construction, with a history that dates back to early 1942.

Ctra. Miralcamp Km. 1
(25230) Mollerussa

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Prefabricados Pujol S.A.

This company name, in the present form, was not registered until the company became a family corporation (plc). The company, as it is today, is nothing other than a continuation of that company that was launched in 1942 by Miquel Pujol and his wife Mercè Gorné. The company originally manufactured cement pipes and stamped tiles, but over several phases of development it entered into the field of concrete framing goods, first reinforced and then prestressed, along with the first concrete structures: reinforced columns and trusses for tile and tongue-and-groove roofs with 35% slopes, and a corresponding workshop for rebar framework and cages.

In 1972, the company took on the name Prefabricados Pujol (Pujol Precasting). This was felt to be the most appropriate name, since the company had made an important qualitative leap and was pinning its hopes on concrete technology and research, in all its varieties: mass and reinforced, and especially prestressed or precompressed products. The technique of prestressing, developed at the beginning of the previous century by the German engineer E. Hoyer and studied in detail and patented in 1910 by the Frenchman Eugene Freyssinet, would offer certain exceptional possibilities. Our company devoted a significant portion of its efforts to this field, both at a technical level and in the field of execution.

Today, Prefabricados Pujol is the Spanish pioneer in the field of prestressed beams and hollow core planks for floor construction. It has a production capacity of 12,000 linear meters per day, and its factories in Mollerussa, Vinaroz, and Les Borges Blanques total 18,000 m2 of industrial space.

Prefabricados Pujol is the oldest company within the Pujol Group, as well as the best known, and it has lent its name to the rest of the members of the Pujol family of businesses.

A focal point of ongoing research, a source of continuous advances and modernization in technology, and home to a skilled team of employees, Prefabricados Pujol is the first Catalan enterprise in this sector and an industry leader in Spain, having garnered multiple awards for its well-executed work.

In August 2009, PREFABRICADOS PUJOL and PREFABRICADOS PESADOS merged. Two large companies of the same Group that were involved in the same activities. The name of this new fusion will be PREFABRICADOS PUJOL S.A., a more consolidated and renowned company in this sector.