The Pujol Group companies are engaged primarily in the precast concrete sector, in the following divisions:

They are also involved in other fields, through service companies not directly related to construction, with a history that dates back to early 1942.

Ctra. Miralcamp Km. 1.5
(25230) Mollerussa

(+34) 973 60 01 48
(+34) 973 71 04 01

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Manufacturing of concrete pavings has a long tradition within our Group.

In 1945 at Mollerussa there was three factories of hydraulic mosaic each with its own press. Each press had the capacity to produce eight square meters when patterned and twelve to sixteen meters for plain tiles. It was a high quality craft product and very attractive, it still remains in many modernist houses.

Both Pujol and Graus had to manage four presses each, one making tiles of 20X20 and 25X25 with a very large moulding range of many patterns.

Hydraulic mosaic tile was made in three layers. The face consisted of white or grey cement, colour and marble dust. The second layer was a dry mix blended to the first. The third layer was the mortar formed by cement, sand and small gravel and added water. The mixed passed through the press and was then left to cure for 28 days.

It was a great product but too crafted and the market was demanding an alternative. At this point Terrazzo was introduced and Pujol and Graus unified creating the most experienced Terrazzo supplier in Catalonia and also had the biggest production capacity.

Today the factory has four presses, producing both indoor and outdoor Terrazzo tiles. It holds large stocks which are readily available, manufactured to superior standards with an array of different styles, colours.

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